Transition words

Students this week got a great resource that I want them to keep for the rest of the year. It is a list of transition and linking words with the different uses for them. Here is a link to the list in case your child has lost his/her copy.

Reading Log

Reading logs are due every Friday. Please make sure your child is completing them. If they have lost their reading log, simply have them write a summary on what they have read for 20 minutes. Make sure to include the book , time and date as well.

Signed Reading Quizzes

Thank you to the 8 students who turned in signed reading quizzes today. Yes, 8 out of 26. There are a few legitimate excuses, but for the most part, students who didn’t turn it in were negligent in their responsibilities. I don’t know if they had plans over the weekend that they were afraid they would miss, but Sunday night is still an option if that’s their MO. 🙂 I will always post a notice that papers to be signed are coming home so you know to look for them.

When I send home graded work to be signed, I expect it back the next day. Your child’s timely response helps me stay up to date in the grade book. The 8 students who turned theirs in today earned 5 PBIS points. Students who bring their signed test copy tomorrow will receive 3 PBIS points. Students who do not bring their signed test copy by Wednesday will have directed activities instead of free play during brain break.

Thank you for your support!