Hello Parents,

We have had a wonderful time with the short story “Stray”. Wednesday, Students will be taking a test covering this short story. To prepare, students should review material covered in class that can be found in their interactive ELA notebook. The material includes charts, plot diagrams, and questions and answers. In addition, several pages were offered as extra credit (to be completed at home) from the All In One Workbook. These pages can be reviewed as well.
Please conference with your student and peruse the ELA notebook regularly. Please reinforce titling and dating work as well as placing handouts inside of it.

Good Afternoon Parents,

Please assist your child with bringing a book for leisure reading. Students have been given a monthly reading log. They should be engaging in at least 15-20 minutes of sustained reading at home. The expectation is that they will bring the text they are reading at home to school. If your student is not bringing a book to school, his/her reading log will not be accepted. A helpful (not required) reading list was attached to the syllabus that was sent home. This list has also been uploaded.

This week our reading skill will be making predictions. We will also be analyzing plot.

Please check your students’ agenda for noted homework.

Thank You for your assistance!


Reading ListMonthly Reading Log

Hello Parents,

We have had a busy and wonderful week. Students received monthly reading logs and ELA workbooks this week. Some students have not received books due to not returning a textbook form. Please assist by ensuring the form is returned.

We have been discussing and learning about fiction and nonfiction text. Students have immensely enjoyed reading works of Jane Yolen.

We have also learned and utilized the Double Bubble Map to compare and contrast.

Moving forward, Please assist your student with selecting a book for leisure reading.

Thank you all for your support!


Thank You for the outpouring of supplies. Your support is greatly appreciated.

This week you will be familiarizing yourselves with Classroom Rules and Expectations, transitions, and, schedules. You will also be completing a Reading benchmark assessment. You will be given several items such as the textbook form, a lunch application, Home Access Guide, and SEM information packet.

Parents, there are several things to consider. Please pay close attention to the material that is sent home, several pages need to be signed and returned. Reinforce the importance of appropriate academic behavior each day. Also, ensure your student brings a leisure read to school. This will be useful to him/her during silent dismissal, homeroom, and other times of the day. Contacting our school librarian and/or Fulton County Public Library to access books is a great idea.

Please remember to purchase your agendas while supplies last.

Let’s make the best of this year!


Ms. Jackson