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GA Milestones Grade 6 ELA Test Resources

We have already begun our testing review this month.  I am working with your students daily to make sure they are best prepared for the Milestones assessment.

Here are some Preparation materials that I am using in my classes to incorporate test prep into our daily schedule.  I will not be able to cover all of it before Spring Break, so feel free to work with your child to review at home.

Both of these guides have examples for the constructed responses, the extended constructed responses and the essays.  Students should review the rubrics for each and compare their writing with the scores given.



Scholastic Book Club order due 3/21

Most students received the most recent Scholastic book club flyers today.  There are lots of great books available!  Perhaps your child needs some reading for Spring Break?

Maybe this for $10?

or this Award Winning Bestseller for $10?

Here is where you can see all of the flyers…

Use our class code:  QWNDZ when you order.

All orders must be placed online by March 21 in order to get the books before Spring Break!  Thanks for supporting our class library!


GA Milestones Review/Practice

For the last two weeks, I have given students packets to review for the Georgia Milestone Test.  We have mostly used them in class to review, but some students haven’t been able to keep up with their packets, resulting in zeroes for classwork.  If you would like for your child to get the credit for the packet for this week, you may print out the packet and have them complete it over the weekend if he or she did not already complete it. Packet is here:  1179_001

Here is the Grade 6 Milestone Assessment Guide for all subjects:  Grade 6 Milestone Guide


Student Detail Report

Student detail reports went out today for science!!!

Student detail reports went out today science!!!

Student detail reports went out today science!!!

Please go over the report with your student. Also, they have highlighted the averages below 80%.


Have a wonderful Week!




March Book of the Month will be the Student’s Choice

Instead of “A Boy No More,”  which was no longer sold at and was getting too expensive at Amazon, I am allowing students to choose their book for March.  If a student has already purchased “A Boy No More,” I highly recommend the book for this assignment.

Students have been given their Lexile numbers, so their book choices should be according to their Lexile measures.  Students should choose a book within their range and the book should be one that they have not read before.  They should not read any graphic novels or Wimpy Kid-type books for this assignment.  The book must be at least 150 pages, and students should complete a reading log/summary for each week they read.

Week 1:  March 1-March 8 (I will check your reading log/summary on Thurs. March 8) First 1/3 of book

Week 2: March 8-March 15 (I will check your reading log/summary on Thurs. March 15) Second 1/3 of book

Week 3: March 15-March 22 (I will check your reading log/summary on Thurs. March 22) Third 1/3 of book

Week 4:  Projects due on Wednesday, March 28…For their project, students will  complete 2 of the 50 possible projects listed here about the book they have read  50AlternativesToTheBookReport


Lexile Information/FastBridge Scores

Your child will be receiving his/her lexile score and FastBridge Scores for Reading and Math by Monday afternoon.  FastBridge is our school’s new universal screener that helps us identify delays and gaps in learning.  Please look over the individual skills reports and start working with your child on developing skills.

This handout will help explain what a Lexile Score is, and give examples of at-level texts that your child would be successful reading.

GDOE Lexile Reading Titles