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Six Flags Field Trip on the Last Day of School

Here is the permission slip we sent home a few weeks ago:  Copy of Six Flags Field Trip


No transportation will be provided; students must be dropped off at the front of Six Flags park by 10:00 am on Friday the 25th and should check in with their chaperone to find out the chaperone’s expectations for check-ins.

Chaperones will only be in the park between 10-3:30, so students who are not permitted to be in the park without a chaperone must be picked up from 3:00-3:30 at the front of the park.

Students are not permitted to go to Hurricane Harbor during the hours of 10-3:30, as teachers are not comfortable with supervising children in water activities.  If your child has YOUR permission, he or she can go to Hurricane Harbor AFTER 3:30.

Chaperones may/may not travel with the students, but will expect students to check in with them at prearranged times, either by a text, phone call or a meetup location in person.

Students are permitted to travel with other students in other groups, as long as they keep their check-in commitments to their chaperone.


Make sure your child brings a pass, ticket or money for a ticket, and spending money for lunch!

Lastly, if your child doesn’t have a ticket yet, and plans to buy one at the park, it will be pretty expensive…  However, if your child has a friend with a season pass, the season pass holders are able to get in ONE FRIEND FOR $22.99 DURING THE WEEK OF MAY 21-27!  Make a deal with a buddy with a pass if you can, and save some money!

Here is a screen shot I took on my app:


Benchmark 8 Study Guide

We will be taking our last Benchmark test on Wednesday!  (Originally it was scheduled for tomorrow, but I moved it back one day!)

Here is the completed study guide answer key for your child to review again (we went over it in class today): benchmark 8 study guide (1)

Here is the worksheet we completed in class today to review predicate adjectives and predicate nouns: predicate adjpredicate nouns ws



Benchmark 7 Test is on Monday

We have reviewed for the Benchmark 7 Test over Poetry.  The pages of the textbook that are covered on the test is 550-613 and the pages in the workbo0k are 179-202.

Here is my copy of the Benchmark Study Guide that I gave to you this week.  You should review yours (or mine, if you were absent!) and be ready for the test on Monday.   benchmark 7 study guide

There will be no essay on this test!



Snacks for Milestones Testing

Good afternoon parents,

I hope all of you had a good week.  Beginning this Thursday, our 6th grader will take the Writing, Reading, and Math portions of the Georgia Milestone Assessment.

Each year we ask parents to support the students by providing testing snacks that we will give to the students at breaks in testing.  I have created a sign up sheet to facilitate this support.  Feel free to add to the columns if you need to split up the numbers of snacks you can bring.

Each student will test with their homeroom teacher, using laptop computers.

Preferred drinks are water and sugar free items.

Preferred snacks are peanut-free and healthy options like granola bars, cheese crackers, pretzels, popcorn or fruit.

Please consider donating to our classes this week.  We need the snacks before the test.  The signup form is linked here:

It is also okay to just send in what you can.  We’d also like to get a few bags of hard candy/mints for during the test.

Thanks in advance for your support of our kids!

We are READY!!!!!


ELA Update 3/23

Students received Progress Reports yesterday!  Students have less than 8 weeks to make the grades that they want.

Next week will be a busy week:

Tuesday:  Study Guide for Benchmark 6 is due

Wednesday:  Project for Independent Reading Novel is due

Thursday:  Benchmark 6 Unit Test will occur

Friday:  Extra Credit Advertising Techniques Project is due

***Here is a copy of the study guide for Benchmark #6 and the Study Guide that students received today:  extra credit and study guide3.23

GA Milestones Grade 6 ELA Test Resources

We have already begun our testing review this month.  I am working with your students daily to make sure they are best prepared for the Milestones assessment.

Here are some Preparation materials that I am using in my classes to incorporate test prep into our daily schedule.  I will not be able to cover all of it before Spring Break, so feel free to work with your child to review at home.

Both of these guides have examples for the constructed responses, the extended constructed responses and the essays.  Students should review the rubrics for each and compare their writing with the scores given.



Scholastic Book Club order due 3/21

Most students received the most recent Scholastic book club flyers today.  There are lots of great books available!  Perhaps your child needs some reading for Spring Break?

Maybe this for $10?

or this Award Winning Bestseller for $10?

Here is where you can see all of the flyers…

Use our class code:  QWNDZ when you order.

All orders must be placed online by March 21 in order to get the books before Spring Break!  Thanks for supporting our class library!


GA Milestones Review/Practice

For the last two weeks, I have given students packets to review for the Georgia Milestone Test.  We have mostly used them in class to review, but some students haven’t been able to keep up with their packets, resulting in zeroes for classwork.  If you would like for your child to get the credit for the packet for this week, you may print out the packet and have them complete it over the weekend if he or she did not already complete it. Packet is here:  1179_001

Here is the Grade 6 Milestone Assessment Guide for all subjects:  Grade 6 Milestone Guide