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Lexile Information/FastBridge Scores

Your child will be receiving his/her lexile score and FastBridge Scores for Reading and Math by Monday afternoon.  FastBridge is our school’s new universal screener that helps us identify delays and gaps in learning.  Please look over the individual skills reports and start working with your child on developing skills.

This handout will help explain what a Lexile Score is, and give examples of at-level texts that your child would be successful reading.

GDOE Lexile Reading Titles

Sixth Grade Social Studies

Good day,

Our focus is reading and comprehension using informational text.

Currently, we are studying The United Kingdom.  “Students will learn about the United Kingdom, including the location of the
countries that make up this nation and information about its climate, population, economy, government system,
transportation and environmental issues. “

All information covered in class is found at  Students can log in with their username and password.


Persuasive Essay Writing Assignment

Students have been reading various persuasive articles to see how authors convey their purpose and point of view.  Now, they are going to get an opportunity to show what they know, and show their own style.

We are learning how to do each type of paragraph in class, and students will write their paragraphs at home.  Students will  research 2-3 statistics, quotations and facts that they can use in their essays, but all research will be done at home.  Students should make sure to keep a record of where they retrieved their information (author, website, organization, etc)

We will be going to the computer lab only one time during this process, so students must be using their time effectively.   The approximate due date will be 2/9, but may be extended if needed.  All work must be submitted using Google Drive.  No essays should be emailed to me.

Here are the resources/guidelines/rubric for this Persuasive Essay of which students have been a copy.

PowerPoint Notes about Persuasive Writing:  Persuasive Essay PPT.pptm (1)

Persuasive Writing Assignment/Rubric:  Persuasive Writing AssignmentRubric

Sample Outline/Essay:  Grade 6 Persuasive Essay Outline.docx

Announcements/Reminders for this weekend


Verify your demographic information under the registration tab on the parent portal this weekend in preparation for open enrollment and re-enrollment.  The portal is located here:

Make sure your child’s address/phone number is correct.

Portal login information is not available with teachers, as it was sent home the first week of school and given out upon student entry into TMSA.  If you cannot find your login/password, reach out to Ms. Jennifer Kimbrel.

Once you verify, complete the form that students will bring home today, or use the link that was sent in the email that went out today.

Link to the online form:


Students who are attending the field trip must make sure to dress in regular uniforms on Monday 1/29.  No PE clothes!  This specifically affects Ms. Griffith’s homeroom class.


Hello Wonderful sixth grade parents,

Field trip will be held on Monday, Jan 29, 2018. We will be traveling to Tri-cities to the Viola Turner Theater to see the greek play Antigone.  The sixth grade students will leave at 9:15 and return to TMSA in time for our regular lunch at 1:00.


Book Order due on Wednesday!

Book of the Month/Scholastic Book Club

Scholastic Book forms are attached and orders are due ONLINE by 1/24!  Our next book for February is Holes by Louis Sachar, available for purchase at for $4 (no tax). Orders placed by 1/24 will be back by the following Wednesday so your child can start the novel on February 1.  We will be using Holes in class as compare the novel to the film version of the novel, in line with our standards.

To order any fun reading books from the flyers, go to and connect to our classroom using this class code:  QWNDZ

Remember that TMSA is in the middle of a Reading Challenge and parents, students, and faculty/staff are encouraged to participate!  Pick up a book or two for yourself as well!  

Additionally, thank you for purchasing books through the Scholastic Book Club, as I have been able to add nearly 75 new books to my classroom library and my teaching library.  I appreciate the support!