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Unit 2/3 Test Video Overview

Hello All,

As stated last week, I wanted to be sure to provide you with videos that covered students’ unit 2/3 Math test on decimals. Below are the links needed for each section of the test. I hope it helps and I hope students take advantage of test corrections. Again, corrections are due on Monday, Nov. 27th with a parent signature. Thanks for all that you do!

Unit 2/3 Test Video Part 1

Unit 2/3 Test Video Part 2

Unit 2/3 Test Video Part 3

Unit 2/3 Test Video Part 4

P.S. The upcoming unit, which begins on Monday, will cover everything Fractions (ordering, comparing, finding equivalent fractions, simplifying fractions, add/subtract/multiply/divide fractions, and scaling with fractions.

Unit 2&3 Test Corrections

Hello All,

I wanted to be sure to disseminate test corrections information prior to break. All student tests are graded and recorded in the gradebook. Test will be given back tomorrow during your child’s math class. For those students and parents who have already let me know they’ll be absent tomorrow, your child received their test today.

1. Please be sure to read through the directions for test corrections carefully
2. Make sure you ask your child when you pick them up, have they packed their math test, journal, and book to help them with test corrections. All homeroom teachers have also been asked to remind students to pack these items. (Student responsibility is foremost and they shouldn’t have to be reminded 🙂
3. Parents, please be sure to sign your child’s test or they won’t receive credit.

All test corrections are due by Monday, Nov. 27th, no exceptions. I will post a test overview, where I go through each problem and point out key points, or describe what students should be thinking about, within the next few days.

Unit 2-3 Test Corrections

Parent University Online Videos (Final session for decimals unit)

Greetings Parents,

Below, you’ll find the attached links for the final Parent University Online Video Sessions for decimals. They cover adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals. Hopefully they add some clarity and/or provide a refresher course on these operations. I’ve also created an online practice assessment for Unit 2/3 on USA Test Prep. It can be found under student assignments on their homepage. Students should take this opportunity to practice all of the skills we’ve learned for the unit. Remember, the unit test will be next Tuesday, Nov. 14th and project is due Friday, Nov. 17th. I provided test details in a previous post, so please govern yourselves accordingly!

Adding/Subtracting Decimals

Multiplying Decimals
Video 1:
Video 2:

Dividing Decimals

New TMSA Spirit Gear

**New TMSA Spirit Gear***
Use the link below to order or see Ms. Peterson at the front desk or Coach Roberts. Hard copies of this catalog are in the front office. Cut off day is Friday 11/13 in order to get the merchandise back by Christmas. These items will make great Christmas gifts for teachers. This is also a fundraiser for the Athletics Dept.

“All About Decimals Book” Project (due by Nov. 17th)

Hello All,

1. We are in our final weeks of Unit 2 & 3 for math. Within the week, I will post the last few videos for parents which will include an overview of adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals. Study guides are in the form of notes found in students’ journals, previous quizzes, online practice from Pearson and USATest Prep, and textbook (Topic 1, 2, 4, 6). Please note, at the end of each topic chapter, you can find an assessment that will provide GREAT practice for the test. The Unit Test will be Tuesday, Nov.14th over the following:

– Multiplying/Dividing by powers of ten (review from Unit 1 andcovered in Unit 2)
– Standard, Written, Expanded Form
– Comparing, Ordering, and Rounding Decimals
– Adding and Subtracting Decimals
– Multiplying Decimals
– Dividing Decimals by whole numbers & Dividing Decimals byDecimals

2. Students have been given their 2nd quarter at-home project directions today. I am also posting the directions here because no more hard copies will be distributed. As I’ve told students, please be sure to follow instructions and all projects should be a hard copy i.e. although students may type the information, all projects should be in a hard-copy, booklet form (no PowerPoint slides sent in an email, no flash drives handed in, no poster boards). Projects are due by Nov. 17th. Early submissions are accepted, but late submissions, after Nov. 17th, will be deducted 5 points per day (no exceptions). If you know your child will not be here the week before Thanksgiving break, please ensure that your scholar has submitted their project prior to leaving school.

All about Decimals Book Project

World War I test dates and study guide

The students will be taking their World War I vocabulary test on November 10, 2017. Their World War I   exam will be on November 15, 2017.  I have provided the students with their vocabulary words as well as their unit study guide. I am also attaching a copy of each in this post as well as on ClassDojo, in the event that students misplace the materials. Hope all is going well. Have a great evening.

World War 1 Vocabulary

World War I 2017 Study Guide

Rounding Decimals Parent University Videos

Good Evening Parents,

Below, you’ll find the next two videos covering rounding decimals. We’ve started this today and we’ll continue for the remainder of the week. The next quiz will be next Wednesday, Oct. 18th covering standard, written, expanded form, rounding, ordering, and comparing decimals. Hopefully the videos help and give a clearer understanding of what’s discussed in class. Also, keep in mind that students should be bringing home their journals on a daily basis. Practice for rounding decimals was assigned for homework (1-6 adaptive homework) on pearson realize. They received a worksheet today that covers rounding and comparing decimals. Lastly, extra practice has also been assigned on usatestprep.

P.S. I apologize in advance for the interruptions during the second video. Names were still being called for afterschool!

Rounding Decimals Part 1

Rounding Decimals Part 2