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Unit 1 Test Corrections and Math Updates!

Greetings All,

Hopefully everyone has had an enjoyable start to their break. Here’s a few math updates.

1. Please send in a poster board (any color) by Friday, Sept. 29th. We will be doing an in-class project the following week for math pertaining to decimals and students must display their work. They also will be able to decorate their boards, so if they’d like to bring in additional items, please label them with their first,last name and homeroom teacher.
2. We will pick up with Unit 2 on Monday, Sept. 25th. There WILL be a quiz that Friday, Sept. 29th covering place value, rounding decimals, ordering decimals, and standard/written/expanded form.
3. There was an activity that students were to finish and turn in Friday, Sept. 15th. Many students did NOT hand in the activity and have been given an extension. It is due when we return, Monday Sept. 25th (no exceptions). The attachment is provided in case there’s those who “misplaced” their sheet. Please note, for those who did not follow directions and write down the numbers needed for standard form, they will have to come up with examples (up to the thousandths place) for themselves.
4. Lastly, Students were given back their Unit 1 Math Test on Friday 9/15. They are ALL required to get it signed and have an opportunity to correct it for a grade adjustment. Please take the time to review their test with them, make corrections, and receive a higher grade! Below are the Parent University Videos that go over the test in its entirety. Hope they’re helpful!

Unit 1 Test Review Part 1
Unit 1 Test Review Part 2
Unit 1 Test Review Part 3
Unit 1 Test Review Part 4

(Activity due Monday, Sept. 25th)

Standard.Written.Expanded Form Activity

Multiple Ways to Show a Number (Parent Videos)

Good Evening All,

Well, I’ve recorded the first 2 videos for the new unit! As I shared during Parent Orientation, I wanted to give parents a way to see, here, and understand the concepts that we are covering in class. Look at it as an online class for 5th grade math (Parent University).
Don’t clown me too bad, I will sharpen them as the year continues, but I hope they’re helpful! The links are for videos one and two (covers today’s lesson) especially for those who were absent. I will record videos for each of the concepts within the unit. Thanks for your feedback, and let me know if there’s any questions or concerns!

P.S. Curriculum Night has been postponed to Sept. 26th! No worries, I am recording videos FOR PARENTS that cover the entire test. I will point out misconceptions that students may have had, important/key words, and how to’s. These videos will be posted by Monday, 9/18, evening. This will be the alternative for curriculum night that has been moved!

Multiple Ways to Show a Number Part 1: 

Multiple Ways to Show a Number Part 2:

2017-2018 Robotics Club Application

The TMSA Robotics Team is now accepting applications for 2017-18

for students in 4th – 8th grade. This year we have switched to an online form.

Go to or visit the

technology programs section on the website


The application form will close at 5:00 pm on WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13

Vist the Technology Programs page for more info


Reconstruction Exam Dates

The students will be taking their reconstruction vocabulary test on September 14, 2017. Their reconstruction exam will be on the day they return from fall break, September 25, 2017.  I have provided the students with their vocabulary words as well as their study guide. I am also attaching a copy of each in this post as well as on ClassDojo, in the event that students misplace the materials. Hope all is going well. Have a great evening.

Reconstruction Vocab 2017

Reconstruction Study Guide 2017 2

Parent Orientation Presentation

Good Afternoon,

Thanks to all who were in attendance yesterday for our 5th grade Parent Orientation. We hope you were able to take away resources and an understanding of what is expected for 5th grade. Attached, please find the PowerPoint, in its totality, that was used last night. For those who were unable to make it, we will still have Curriculum Night in the coming weeks. Be on the lookout for those dates! Enjoy your weekend!

Parent Orientation 2017-2018

Elementary Debate is Recruiting NOW!

A few parents and students attended our interest meeting last week, and I know who you are. If there are other students who would like to participate in Elementary Debate, please attend our first practice meeting (which will mainly be an organizational meeting) on Monday, September 11, 2018 in Mrs. Reed’s Room (Room 78) from 4-5pm. Please email Mrs. Reed ( with any questions!

Attention, Past Due Assignment!!!

Good Afternoon All,

The assignments attached were due last Monday, 8/14.  There are several students who either:

  1. Did not hand it in at all (received a 0%)
  2. Failed the assignment

I am giving those students, who fall within this range, the opportunity to hand in the assignment or correct their assignment.  The guidelines as follows:

  1. Did not hand in: you MUST turn it in by Wednesday, 8/23 and the grade you receive will stand.
  2. Failed the assignment- 69% or below: I will return the assignment to you on Monday and you will have the opportunity to correct for a grade adjustment up to a 70%, also handed in by Wednesday 8/23. For those who scored a 70 – 79% , you can correct yours and receive up to an 80%.

Parents, please check parent portal for their grade so you know whether your child handed in the activity (the gradebook will show an NHI which stands for not handed in and calculates as a 0%) or just didn’t pass.  Students brought home their logins for parent portal this weekend (stapled packet and it’s the 3rd sheet for you to keep).

Also, note that this opportunity will not be a regular occurrence because the expectation is for students to hand in their work when it is DUE and ask questions for clarity PRIOR to it being turned in.  Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity.  Message me individually for questions or concerns!

*The assignment titled “numerical expressions” is for Mr. Lotfy’s and Ms. Gatins’ homeroom class.  The assignment, “order of operations” is for Ms. Brown’s homeroom class.  Mrs. Reed’s homeroom students have a different assignment, so please disregard!

Order of Operations Activity

Numerical Expressions Activity