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Progress Reports


I hope that we all have restored power in our homes and attempting to get back to our regular schedule!

2nd grade progress reports will be coming home tomorrow, Friday, September 15. Progress reports are to be reviewed, signed and returned on the Monday following Fall Break. Parent meetings will be set up upon request and with parents whose child is showing academic weaknesses. It is our hope that we get to meet with all parents in the coming weeks, so please be patient with us 🙂

Fall Break assignments will be provided based upon homeroom teachers. This work is to be done as a review and for extra practice for students- it will not be graded.

If you have any questions and/or concerns, please contact your homeroom teacher!

Weekly News!

There will be NO newsletter due to the short week . However, there will still be a spelling test on Friday. I am uploading a spelling menu so your student can still practice their spelling words. Please use today and tomorrow as time to go over spelling words. Also on Friday, Hall’s and Longino’s class will have a government test. I am posting a study guide for this test. Please use today and tomorrow as time to review the different areas and leaders of government.

Government Leaders Test Review

Spelling Menu

School closing!

School will be closed Monday and Tuesday of this week due to the forecasted weather from Hurricane Irma.  These days will not affect the Fall break that is scheduled for the following week. Everyone PLEASE stay safe, READ and enjoy some family time despite what is forecasted to come.

Spelling Words week of 9/11

Spelling words: (long a)                                                                                                                             

  1. Birthday
  2. Grape
  3. paint
  4. Waste
  5. Stain
  6. Crayon
  7. Whale
  8. Friday
  9. Table
  10. Acorn
  11. Afraid
  12. Today
  13. Agent
  14. Space
  15. Potato
  16. Before
  17. Because


2017-2018 Robotics Club Application

The TMSA Robotics Team is now accepting applications for 2017-18

for students in 4th – 8th grade. This year we have switched to an online form.

Go to or visit the

technology programs section on the website


The application form will close at 5:00 pm on WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13

Vist the Technology Programs page for more info